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Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Maximize your self-care plan with tips and tools to set your intention in the right direction. Michelle Greenwell's passion for building energy and vitality into daily routine is an inspiration for you to Be Well. Her guests to the show offer insights, action plans, and awareness for a wellness recipe. 

Are you ready to have this podcast energetically align you with your goals and intentions while you listen?  Dr. Greenwell creates an energetic boost and vitality lift for you with each episode.  Her special events throughout the month are created to help you learn about goal setting and intention, and then how to put that into flow with a cup of tea or an action.  Her guests provide insights into different tools that can support your well-being, and offer insights into the transitions that they themselves have experienced and they have used the tools they are sharing. These episodes are all about well-being and creating a self-care plan that can be used at the office and in your everyday activities.  For Entrepreneurs and workers experiencing fatigue and lethargy at the office, this can be a game changer.

Each month you can enjoy learning more about the profound movement tools that Dr. Greenwell offers in her classes and 1:1 sessions, her insights are shared at the start of the month.  Two podcasts are devoted to the transformation process that her guests have experienced and what that has meant for them moving forward with ease and grace.  Lastly, she is joined by her sister, Charlene Waines, for a Compassionate Living episode to move our own thoughts and needs to the inspiration for helping others through our knowledge and experience.  Charlene will be following the Moyo family from Malawi as she brings new insights into our power in the world to help.  Are you intrigued?  Get ready to begin transforming with each episode and bring your wellness journey forward in a powerful way each month.

The podcasts are sponsored by the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health where Dr. Greenwell offers classes and workshops in-person and online promoting the opportunity movement provides us for well-being at home and in the workplace (Balancing Business).  The Cape Breton Tea Company inspires listeners to relax and enjoy a cup of tea while listening.  The special tea blends include the "Tea with Intention" series as well as the "Harmony Blends" which are a part of the Building Resiliency program to help unwind trauma.  These also include the special Harmony Coasters.  Each episode expands on how you can use tea and the power of herbs to support your self-care plan.  You can find their resources here:

To learn more about the card decks that Michelle chooses her affirmation cards from, check out "Affirmations for the Body and BioField" and "It's in the Cards" in the shop at  Also, check out the Harmony Coasters at

The FREE e-book, BioEnergetic Essentials can be found on the main page of the organization that Dr. Michelle is President of,  This has been paired with the HoneyBEE Tea and is a great resource for at home or in the office.