Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Women and Girls Matter

December 06, 2023 Dr. Michelle Greenwell/Charlene Waines/Melissa Deally Season 3 Episode 33
Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell
Women and Girls Matter
Show Notes

Today we are honouring the power of women to rise up and be counted in our villages, families, and countries.  My sister, Charlene Waines, has made it her life mission to help one large orphaned family in Malawi, and her love and compassion for their lives and their thriving are the center of her day and her everyday actions.

We are joined by my colleague, Melissa Deally, also from the West Coast of Canada, and someone also passionate about her calling to help women and girls thrive. Their messages and understanding of the challenges of women in third-world countries are critical for us to know and understand.  If we do not know the challenges faced by women around the world, we cannot stand up and be heard and to find a way for all women and girls to matter and to be thriving.  Also, we need to know how simple it can be for us to take action and to make a difference.  A difference that is bigger than we can imagine.
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